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Miija wagner

mija wagner

Mija Wagner, born in 1989 in the picturesque Taunus region near Frankfurt, spent her childhood in the idyllic surroundings of the Feldberg. She attended the local primary school and a secondary school and developed a passion for writing at an early age. After graduating from high school, she trained as a marketing manager and wrote texts for various magazines on the side.

Having always been fascinated by psychology, Mija decided to study this subject at the University of Bonn after completing her training. She still lives in Bonn today and loves the city and its people. Parallel to her training and studies, she worked for ten years as an agent for various escort agencies. This work gave her great pleasure, as she has a talent for organisation and loves working with people.

After graduating, Mija worked as a psychologist for several years. In 2023, she decided to incorporate her own ideas and experience into founding her own escort agency. This is how the idea for "Mija Escort" was born. Her website has been online since 2024, and Mija puts a lot of passion, work and diligence into her agency. Her goal is to organise unforgettable escort dates. Mija attaches great importance to personal contact with the ladies and clients and is present at every photo shoot to ensure a pleasant atmosphere.

Mija is a disciplined and sports-enthusiastic woman. She loves endurance sports and regularly takes part in various competitions to meet like-minded people and enjoy the positive atmosphere. In addition to her sporting activities, she finds peace and balance by walking her dog in the woods and taking yoga classes.

As a foodie, Mija loves fine food and delicious cocktails. She regularly organises cocktail evenings for her friends and treats them to home-cooked meals and home-baked delicacies. She prefers to spend her holidays in quiet, rural areas where she can enjoy the peace and quiet and nature.

Mija Wagner combines her passions for organisation, people and writing in her work as an entrepreneur and manages to combine all these interests in her escort agency.