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General Terms and Conditions These General Terms and Conditions govern the legal relationship between the agency and customers and apply to all bookings made by customers. Customers recognise the validity of these GTC with their booking.

I. Conclusion of contract

1. The agency exclusively provides agency services. It arranges escorts for a temporary and paid accompaniment to customers. All escorts working for the agency are self-employed entrepreneurs who offer their services in their own name and for their own account. There is no employment relationship between the agency and the escorts. Accordingly, the escorts are not bound by the instructions of the agency. The service provider with regard to the escort service/date in question is exclusively the escort lady or escort gentleman concerned, not the agency.

2. The sending of a booking enquiry (by e-mail or via the online form) or a telephone booking enquiry constitutes the customer's contractual offer in legal terms. An acceptance of this offer and thus a binding booking is only made after consultation between the agency and the desired escort and an order confirmation by e-mail or, if necessary, by telephone confirmation by the agency. New customers should contact the agency by telephone before making their first booking. In principle, the customer has no legal claim to an agency service. There is no right of cancellation in accordance with § 312 Para. 2 No. 9 BGB, as this is a contract for the provision of services in connection with leisure activities for which a specific date/period is provided.

3. A placement is made exclusively with persons of legal age. If the agency has doubts as to whether a customer is of legal age, he/she must provide proof of age on request. If no proof of age is provided, no placement can be made.

II. extension of booking

1. Should customers wish to extend the date, they can clarify this in agreement with the escorts. It is at the discretion of the escorts whether they wish to fulfil the extension request.

2. If the date is extended, the agency must be informed of this before the extension begins.

3. Customers will hand over the fee due for the booking extension to the escorts before the extension begins.


1. The escorts have profiles on the agency's website. In addition to the escorts' respective fees, any travelling expenses incurred can also be found in the profiles. Since the escorts themselves determine the amount of their fee, the fee of the individual escorts may vary. The fee refers only to the time spent with the escort, not to specific services to be provided. The minimum booking period varies depending on the extent of the journey. Corresponding information can be found on the agency's website or can be requested from the agency.

2. When booking escorts, an additional travelling fee must be paid. This covers the time used by the escorts during the journey. It is to be paid in addition to the escorts' fee and, depending on the extent of the journey, in addition to the travelling expenses incurred (e.g. flight or train tickets, local transfers, hotel accommodation, etc.).

3. All travelling expenses as well as all costs incurred during the date (e.g. for food, drinks/tickets for events, etc.) are to be paid by the customer.

IV. Payment options

1. An advance payment of 35% is required if new customers book an escort lady for an appointment at a distance of 100 km or more or if appointments that have already been arranged have to be cancelled at short notice. In addition, an advance payment of 35% is required for an escort home visit by new clients. The remaining fee must be handed over to the lady in an unsolicited envelope at the beginning of the date.

2. A deposit of 35% is required for escort dates of 8 hours or more. The remaining fee must be handed over to the lady in an unsolicited envelope at the beginning of the date.

3. In the event of advance payment by the customer, the agency is also authorised to accept the fee.

4. Bookings that require the payment of travel expenses are to be paid by the client before the date.

V. Cancellations

1.If a date that has already been arranged is cancelled by the customer less than 12 hours before the start of the date, 15 percent of the agreed booking amount will be charged. If the model is already on the way to your planned date, a cancellation fee of 35% will be charged.

2. Amounts due in the context of a cancellation must be transferred to the agency's business account within two weeks of invoicing.

3. In the event of sustained disruptions or behaviour in breach of contract by customers, the escorts may cancel the date. In the event of cancellation for the aforementioned reasons, neither the fee nor the travel expenses incurred will be refunded.

4. Clients and escorts can cancel the date after the first meeting. In this case, the agency expects prompt notification of the cancellation of the date. In this case, the client will only have to pay the travelling expenses incurred and a lump sum of EUR 100.00.

VI Limitation of liability

1. The escorts are independent contractors and not vicarious agents of the agency. The agency is not liable for the actions of the escorts and assumes no liability for the type, manner or quality of the service provided.

2. To the extent that damage is caused to customers through the fault of the agency - intent or gross negligence - the agency shall be liable without limitation. The Agency shall also be liable for the slightly negligent breach of material obligations, the breach of which jeopardises the achievement of the purpose of the contract, or for the breach of obligations, the fulfilment of which is essential for the proper execution of the contract and on the observance of which is regularly relied upon. In this respect, liability is limited to the foreseeable damage typical of the contract. The above limitations of liability shall not apply in the event of injury to life, limb or health or in the event of fraudulently concealed defects.

VII Data protection

1. All personal data transmitted to the agency by customers as part of a booking enquiry or booking will always be processed in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation.

2. The data transmitted to the agency will be processed exclusively for the processing of the booking/booking enquiry and will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties without the customer's consent.

3. Customers declare their consent to the collection, processing and use of the data transmitted by them by the agency. Electronic consent is provided in the contact form on the agency's website.

4. Customers respect the fact that the escorts do not wish to have private contact with customers. Accordingly, clients will refrain from making direct contact with the escorts and will not ask the escorts for their contact details. The agency must always be contacted to arrange a date.

5. Customers will not permanently store photographs of escorts and will not make them accessible to third parties. Customers undertake not to disclose the identity of escorts to third parties if this should become known to them intentionally or unintentionally.

VIII Miscellaneous

1. In accordance with § 32 para. 1 ProstSchG, condoms must be used during sexual intercourse. Violations of the obligation to use condoms constitute an administrative offence which can be punished by the authorities with a severe fine of up to EUR 50,000 (for customers).

2. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be invalid or incomplete, the validity of the remaining parts shall remain unaffected. In place of the ineffective or missing provisions, the respective statutory provisions shall apply.

3. German law shall apply. Customers domiciled abroad may, irrespective of this, always invoke the law of the country in which they are domiciled.