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Erotic Lexicon 

Details from the world of escort services


BDSM hard active

Typical "hard" BDSM activities could include the following:

- Bondage: advanced restraint techniques using rope, ropes or other materials.

- Dominance and submission: More intense power dynamics and role play.

- Sadism and masochism: Applications of pain or punishment that respect the recipient's pain threshold.

- Fetishism: In-depth exploration of fetishes and sexual preferences.

- Discipline: Punishments and rewards in the context of dominance and submission.

Here the escort lady takes the active part.

BDSM hard passive

Here the escort lady takes over the passive part.

BDSM soft active

BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism) is an area of sexual activity that encompasses various practices and role-playing games in which power, control and various forms of eroticism play an important role. "BDSM soft" is gentler and less intense than some of the more extreme practices within this spectrum.

Here the escort lady takes the active part.

BDSM soft passive

Here the escort lady takes over the passive part.


Bisexual means that the escort lady is attracted to both sexes. In the case of a DUO date or a couple escort, this means that she is open to intimate encounters with another escort lady or the client's partner.


Cunnilingus is an intimate sexual practice in which the client orally stimulates the escort's genital area, especially the female genitals. This is usually done by licking, sucking or kissing the vulva and clitoris to provide sexual arousal and pleasure.


Deepthroat is a term that originally comes from pornography and refers to a specific form of oral sex. This involves taking the penis so deep into the mouth and throat that it passes through the throat wall.


Being submissive means that a person takes on a submissive or obedient role in sexual or romantic relationships or situations. This person often enjoys giving
control to their partner and following their
and following their instructions or wishes.

Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is a form of erotic communication between partners in which sexually charged or suggestive words, phrases or sentences are used to increase sexual tension and desire.


Sexual dominance refers to a preference or inclination in which a person assumes a dominant or controlling role in sexual acts or relationships.
dominant or controlling role in sexual acts or relationships. This can take various forms and can include physical, verbal or psychological elements. People who feel sexually dominant often enjoy control over their partner.

Duo Dates

"Duo dates refer to a special type of companionship experience where two escort ladies are booked at the same time for a shared endeavour or intimate experience. This type of service allows clients to enjoy the company of two escort models at the same time and can take different forms depending on the client's preferences and wishes."


Ejaculation on the face.


It is a colloquial term for oral sex.

Foot erotic active

Foot eroticism is a form of sexual preference or fetish in which people experience sexual arousal and satisfaction through the feet, especially by touching, kissing, licking or massaging feet. This preference can vary greatly from person to person and ranges from a general interest in feet to intense sexual fantasies or acts in which the feet take centre stage.

Here the escort lady takes over the active part.

Foot erotic passive

Here the escort lady takes over the passive part.

GFE (girlfriend erotic)

GFE (girlfriend erotica) is a type of sexual service or role play where an escort seeks to provide a more intimate and romantic experience, similar to a relationship with a girlfriend. It is often about tenderness, emotional closeness and a stronger personal connection.

Golden shower aktive

The term "Golden Shower active" refers to a sexual practice in which a customer passes urine onto the escort lady.

Golden shower passive

The term "golden shower passive" refers to a sexual practice in which a client receives urine from the escort lady.

Greek active

Greek active refers to a sexual practice in which the escort uses a special device to anally stimulate the client.

Greek passive

The term "Greek" is often used in a sexual context to refer to anal intercourse.


MMF is an abbreviation for "Male-Male-Female" and refers to a sexual constellation in which two men and one woman are involved in sexual activity. It is a form of threesome sex in which both men and women are involved.

Couple accompaniment

Together with his partner, the client is looking for a sensual journey into the world of fantasy. There are various possibilities:

- He could want the escort lady, as well as his partner, to spoil him.
- Or he might want the escort lady to have fun with him while his partner watches in excitement.
- Alternatively, it could be that he enjoys it when the women get active together.

PSE (porn star experience)

PSE is an attempt to simulate a sexual encounter that is similar to what you see in porn films. This can mean a more intense and experimental sexual experience that incorporates some of the depictions and practices from the porn world.

Role-playing games

Sexual role play is a form of erotic activity in which two or more partners take on specific roles and engage in a sexual act based on these roles. These roles can be realistic or imaginative and serve to increase sexual tension, live out fantasies or deepen sexual intimacy.


Scrotilingus is a sensual practice that uses the tongue to gently stimulate a man's scrotum. The testicles are considered an extremely erogenous zone, which can make this intimacy a particularly pleasurable experience.